White Water Living Resort - Dandeli

White Water River Resort

White Water River Resort is a river side resort set beside River Kali which is near to first rapid. The resort is set in a beautiful location with old trees surrounding the area. The Kali River which flows look like milky white in colour because of the rocks and rapid. You will hear the vibrant horn like call of the Hornbills, see flashes of dazzling colour as kingfishers dive into the water, observe darters and egrets dart into the water and come out with a wriggling fish in its beak and watch the herons standing still near the banks for their unfortunate prey.

The activities which you can enjoy in White water living Resort Dandeli are Jacuzzi bath, raft ride, swimming, zorbing, river crossing, jungle trekking and bird watching. Evening ride in a raft down the river Kali is memorable. The slowly moving raft allows you to watch hornbills returning to nest in tall trees on river banks.

The sightseeing spot near the White Water Living Resort are supa dam, syntheri rock, back water view and vincholi rapids. The resort is hardely 21 km form Dandeli city which is Dharwad, 75 kms from Hubli, Belgaum 85 kms, Bangalore 470 kms, Goa 140 kms, Karwar 115 kms, Pune 465 kms. There are a few overnight buses to D andeli from Bangalore.